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SV Equestrian stirrups are not considered Safety Stirrups as they do not have a quick release mechanism. While SV Equestrian's  stirrups are designed to be wide and freeing for the foot- they do not have a safety release feature. For this reason, we cannot guarantee your safety using them.

There is no current regulatory standard for standard stirrups in Canada and the US, If and when regulatory standards are put into effect, SV Equestrian will pursue having our stirrups evaluated and approved. 

It is important to inspect the stirrups and spring integrity and functionality on a regular basis as you would any item of tack.

The user and/or buyer indemnifies, defends, and holds harmless and not liable SV Equestrian, associates or owners of SV Equestrian for any death or injury whatsoever caused to the rider, the Horse and/or any loss or damage to any of the riders/buyers personal property.